"Few men have virtues to withstand the highest bidder."

- George Washington

Mount Moriah


Mount Moriah is a Lodge of Free and Accepted Mason.


We were chartered in 1800 by the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York.

We meet every (but not limited to) first  Wednesday of the Month.


Members are from different professional backgrounds and ethnicities but share an aspiration to become better men.


Mount Moriah is part of the First Manhattan District in the Grand Lodge of the State of New York.


We provide a platform for our members to be gentlemen both within and outside our closed doors.

Mount Moriah's Origin

Mount Moriah Lodge originated in two early 19th century Lodges:  


The first was Abrams Lodge founded in 1800 as a form of “memorial Lodge” to John Abrams, a popular Grand Secretary who had unexpectedly died in 1799.  The Lodge maintained this name until 1839 when it adopted the name Pioneer Lodge.  The second was Mount Moriah Lodge founded in 1806 -- in which one of its Past Masters effectively founded the generous Brotherhood Fund with a coin from his own pocket.


The Lodges merged in 1973 to form Pioneer - Mount Moriah Lodge, and in recent years readopted the non-hyphenated name it bears today.  Mount Moriah is in the process of a thorough revitalization that has progressed over the last half-decade into an active membership committed to the practice of Masonry in Ritual, programming and life.

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All events are suspended until further notice.

Contact Us

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Contact Us

Email:  info@mm20.org

Phone: (802)MM20org


Grand Lodge of the
State of New York

Mount Moriah Lodge No. 20

71 West 23rd Street #M1

New York, NY 10010

Regular Communications

First Wednesday of the Month

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